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About Us

Our Vision

To research and develop the quality education methodology and processes and offer the best education and counseling to the aspirants of various entrance exams in the field of science. We strive to define the highest possible standards in such a kind of education and to be the leading player in the arena of academics.

Our Mission

We are a team of professional academicians and entrepreneurs and we are committed to the mission to

  1. Provide training and counselling to the young aspirants from science stream and prepare them for board/entrance exams especially in the field of Engineering, Medical and Architecture.
  2. Transform young talent into competent professionals and responsible citizens of the nation.
  3. Impart the highest quality and value-based coaching to the career aspirants by understanding the need for preparedness with regards to Board, State & National level entrance exams.
  4. Maintain highest possible norms of the deliverable contents of the various courses and the training methodologies.
  5. Constantly upgrading the contents by developing finest talent and maintaining the pace with rapidly changing patterns of the entrance exams.
  6. Offering quality coaching at reasonable fees so that students from every section of society can be benefited.
  7. Last but not the least, strive to instill positive attitude and confidence within our students and mold them into the national or corporate asset.


“The journey of success thus far has been possible due to the parent’s enormous trust in us. At Rege’s Tutorial, we take immense pleasure and professional pride in watching the successful students stepping ahead on the ladder of career. We, at Rege’s Tutorial, aim to coach the students and get the best out of their potential so that the students perform beyond their own expectations in academic endeavors. 

We create a strong foundation for our student’s future journey of higher education post X & XII board exams. The self-developed teaching methodology coupled with highly trained faculties ensures the best possible results at X board exams. At Rege’s, we also help students in making the concepts clear so as to make them feel ready for the next levels of challenges throughout the journey of higher education.
As a matter of fact, the score at X board exams is only an indicator of a student’s capability and his or her IQ but certainly, it is never a career deciding option. To pursue the right career option a student has to appear for one or more of the entrance exams post the XII (Science) board exams. The current procedures of admission to the desired courses like Engineering, Medicine, Architecture and more, need a higher score in an entrance exam. The performance at the entrance exams like MHTCET, JEE Mains, JEE Adv, NEET, AIMS, JIPMER, BITSAT & NATA, etc decides the future course of the career.
Rege’s Tutorial has already taken a step or two in this direction and we are fortunate to have Prof. Gajendra Dixit, a veteran coach of the various entrance exams. Prof. Gajendra Dixit had mentored thousands of young aspirants who are now pursuing their careers at IITs, BITs, or with the medical colleges of repute. He is indeed a very well-known ad the most preferred coach for science students.
Our association with a mentor like Prof. Gajendra Dixit has given us an extra edge so as to offer the best coaching to the students. This is the perfect time to rush to Rege-Dixit Science Academy and confirm not only your admission but the assurance of the possibly brightest academic career. Wish you all the success and nothing but the success!!”


Today’s era is an era of fierce competition in every aspect of life and it begins with secondary and higher secondary education. The distinguishing attribute between information and education is application. The information we obtain transforms into education only when it is applied or used practically.

At Rege-Dixit Science Academy, we provide the “Education” and not mere information. We focus on both the vital aspects of education; “Why” first and “How” second.
This is the way we prepare our students not just for exams but for life. The talent and the energy which our students possess need to be nurtured, shaped & channeled in the right direction. Our combined efforts would bring out not only the best in their careers but the best in their lives.

Our state-of-the-art methodologies channelize the potential of students in the right direction so as to shape up their academic careers and help them reach the apex in academic pursuit.
We are committed to facilitating the best of the contents, faculties, and indigenous methods of educating the young career aspirants in the science stream. And we offer everything mentioned at justified fees so no one has left behind basis the financial situation.

The coaches at Rege-Dixit Science Academy are highly trained and well supports by the quality material, carefully managed schedules, test series, and mock exams. These practices make students competent to beat the physical, mental and emotional stress and the results at final exams are always the best.

With the all-around preparation and the right environment with coaching and counseling capabilities, I am very much confident about your ward’s success not only at exams but also in life. I feel proud to be a part of Rege’s Tutorials and I reiterate my commitment to continue this legacy at Rege’s Tutorial. We are sure that no compromise will be done when the question of giving the best services to our students. We will work very closely with our students and parents to make this success possible.

I wish all of you great success in life which begins at Rege-Dixit Science Academy.
Come On! Let’s start…….”

Tailor Made Material

The material of Rege-Dixit Science Academy is a bible for every student aspiring to crack IIT, JEE, NEET, CET, etc. as well as XII boards. The notes are tailor-made to students to get the best results with the least but regularly targeted efforts.

BOARDS: In addition, exclusive material of boards is given to every student to develop writing skills of subjective answers and to create a strong base.

Rege-Dixit Exercise Sheets (RDES):

Every topic is subsequently supported by RDES which is a bunch of multi conceptual problems, designed to give an in-depth understanding of the subject and to improve question-solving speed through time-bound practice.

Best & Dedicated Faculty Team

The backbone of any coaching institute is their Faculty team.

The key strength of Rege-Dixit Science Academy is extremely knowledged and experienced Faculty team that is best in the field. Rege-Dixit Science Academy conducts regular training & get-to-gether sessions for faculty members so that they will be well-versed of the latest teaching practices, syllabus & patterns and methods to enrich themselves.

In Rege-Dixit Science Academy along with experienced visiting professors, best in-house faculty team is also ready to be with students any, time to help them.

Planned Teaching Method

It is a flexible programme in which preparations of boards also given equal importance along with studies for entrance exams, we make sure that students should prepare every subjects thoroughly to board exams and simultaneously, he should understand its application part to crack entrance exams. For students who have taken bi-focal subject in boards we are committed to teach them Computer science and Electronics.

Feedback System

This is a unique system to improve the quality of our services. Once in month students can give their feedback about faculty, about the system as well as about the Test series without revealing their identity.

This system will keep our team on toes so that ultimately students will get as per their demand.

Computer Based Test

Nowadays maximum entrance exams are conducted online so to make students familiar with online testing patterns & to understand how to register their response on the computer in the online test. We conduct computer-based online tests for all entrance aspirants at least twice a year. This practice allows students to experience actual atmosphere of entrance exams and it also helps to reduce exam pressure. This practice gives confidence to students which really matters in all entrance exams.

RD Support

Students always find difficulty in filling online application forms for different entrance exams. Also, they get confused in the selection of entrance exams. In Rege-Dixit Science Academy we give complete support to our students to fill to the online application form and always our team is ready to give them complete guidance about all entrance exams and eligibility criteria.


Your Hobbies can never be a hurdle on your career path whereas they help to improve your concentration and overall personality, so to promote that in Rege-Dixit Science Academy we arrange an event for students where students get a big platform to show the hidden talent of them & this event necessary break to them which gives more energy to them to start their Academic hard work again.

The event also allows the teacher to understand their student and their ability very well please scan the QR Code given to watch all videos of DHOOMSHAN

Expert Talk

It is very essential to gather detailed information and knowing the academic path of our Dream career. Expert talk is YouTube Live series run by principal Gajendra Dixit Sir in which he had explained the complete path of almost all career options, every week he had discussed one career path.

You can watch this lecture series by scanning the given QR code. This will help students to clear their own thoughts about a particular dream career & this tremendously helps students to take decisions about which field suits them to pursue a career.

Theory Marks

We at Rege-Dixit Science Academy, give equal importance to subjective papers also. Marks of all subjective theory exams will be uploaded here with 3 days of correction of all answers. So parents & students can see their performance in the theory exam. This feature helps to enhance your ability to write descriptive answers. We also conduct 3 Rounds of prelim exams


The Attendance rate is important because students are most likely to succeed in academics when they attend class regularly. On a regular basis, the message goes to parents if students remain absent. Attendance records of students are available digitally on R-PAR App, so parents can check that on App anytime.

Test Report

REGE-DIXIT Online Test Series Platform generates scientific and analytical student performance report with an interactive dashboard.

REGE DIXIT’S online test series gives an opportunity to assess your preparation in time constraint manner.

E-study Material

In E-Study Material we link several study resources in various formats also the various quick recap notes and assignments.

Students can download it, read it anytime, anywhere, whenever they get free time students can access it 24 X 7

Video Lectures

Students can recap important points of important topics by seeing video lectures of professional teachers, This feature helps students to cover his/her backlog. Students will get a YouTube link or video lecture of C.S/Electronics as well as all lectures of important concepts of physics, chemistry, maths & biology, special lecture series on English grammar is available.


Parents can see all fees related information & updates in this segment. Total fees, Balance fees, Amount paid to date as well as all PDC details are available on R-PAR to maintain transparency.

Even parents can make online Payment Here.

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