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RD System

Best & Dedicated Faculty Team

The core of Rege-Dixit Science Academy lies in its highly knowledgeable and experienced faculty team, who are experts in their respective fields. The academy emphasizes continuous training and collaboration among its faculty members to stay updated on the latest teaching practices, syllabus changes, and enrichment methods. Alongside visiting professors, the in- house faculty is readily available to assist students at any time.

Planned Teaching Method

Our program prioritizes both board exam and entrance exam preparations, ensuring students excel in both. We emphasize a comprehensive understanding of subjects to succeed in board exams and to apply knowledge effectively in entrance exams. For students pursuing bi-focal subjects, we offer specialized instruction in Computer Science and Electronics.

Tailor Made Material

Rege-Dixit Science Academy's materials are a must-have for students aspiring to excel in IIT, JEE, NEET, and CET, as well as XII board exams. Their notes are meticulously crafted to optimize results with minimal effort. They also provide exclusive materials for board exams to enhance subjective answer writing skills and build a solid foundation. Additionally, Rege-Dixit offers Exercise Sheets (RDES) for each topic, packed with diverse multi-conceptual problems. These sheets aim to deepen subject understanding and enhance question- solving speed through timed practice.

Feedback System

Our unique system is designed to enhance the quality of our services. Quarterly, students have the opportunity to provide feedback on our faculty, the system, and the test series, all while maintaining their anonymity. This approach keeps our team responsive and ensures that students receive precisely what they require, fostering a dynamic learning environment that caters to their needs.

Computer Based Test

Conducting computer-based practice tests for entrance exams is crucial. It familiarizes students with online testing, helping them handle registration and responses effectively. These simulations reduce exam pressure by replicating real conditions, and the experience gained boosts students' confidence, a critical factor in their success. We provide complete analytical report for each and every CBT.

RD Support

Students face challenges when navigating the intricacies of online application forms for various entrance exams, leading to confusion in exam choices. At Rege-Dixit Science Academy, we assist our students in completing these online applications and providing them clear guidance on selecting the most suitable entrance exams while ensuring their eligibility criteria. After students complete their 12th grade, we provide counseling services, guiding them towards suitable choices in engineering, medical, and other career-oriented colleges and programs.

Student Mentorship Programme

Faculty members are nominated as mentors for each batch, providing academic guidance, personal care, and motivation to students. These mentors serve as academic coaches, supporting students for two years. Their role involves performance analysis and constant motivation to help students reach their goals. Mentors are the unsung heroes behind student success, offering guidance to struggling students for improvement and challenging intelligent students to enhance their performance.

Doubt Sessions

These sessions are incorporated into the regular timetable and can be individually arranged for students in need of extra clarification. Although attendance is optional, these sessions are essential for enhancing students' understanding of key concepts. Additionally, our in-house team is always ready to help students catch up on missed material. We prioritize providing students with ample opportunities to excel academically and achieve their goals.

Parents – Teachers Meeting

Maintaining a favorable parent- teacher ratio, we schedule individual interaction sessions every four months. These meetings empower parents to directly engage with teachers and mentors, jointly addressing any challenges. Ultimately, a student's success is their own battle, but the collective effort of educators, parents, and students is the recipe for success. Together, we create an environment where students can savor the taste of achievement.

Star Batch

Based on regular test performance, we form a distinguished group of high-performing students from various batches. This exclusive star batch, consisting of the top 25 to 30 students, receives dedicated attention, the highest quality academic and administrative support, and intensive coaching. Our aim is to nurture these exceptional talents, guiding them towards achieving top ranks and ensuring their academic excellence shines brightly.

Technology Friendly Classrooms

Our classes are organized in morning and evening sessions with limited students per batch. Our well- ventilated, air-cooled classrooms are equipped with high-quality audio- visual systems. To aid comprehension, we utilize projectors for in-depth explanations of key concepts. Our commitment to providing a conducive learning environment ensures that students have access to top-notch educational resources, setting the stage for their academic success and a brighter future.

Motivational Seminars

Each year, we organize a motivational seminar for all students, aiming to bolster their confidence and dispel negativity. The top three achievers are specially recognized during the seminar to inspire and energize them. These sessions serve as refreshing experiences, guiding students back onto the right path and instilling a renewed sense of purpose and determination in their academic journey.


The Attendance rate is important because students are most likely to succeed in academics when they attend class regularly. On a regular basis, the message goes to parents if students remain absent. Attendance records of students are available digitally on R-PAR App, so parents can check that on App anytime.

E-study Material

In E-Study Material we link several study resources in various formats also the various quick recap notes and assignments.Students can download it, read it anytime, anywhere, whenever they get free time students can access it 24 X 7

MCQ Test Report with Complete Analysis

REGE-DIXIT'S Online Test Series delivers in-depth analysis through MCQ test reports, offering a scientific and analytical perspective on students' performance. Our interactive dashboard ensures a comprehensive overview of your progress. With REGE-DIXIT's Online Test Series, you can evaluate your preparation under time constraints, providing an invaluable opportunity to fine-tune your skills and excel.

Online Lectures For Electronics And C.S.

Our online lectures for Electronics and Computer Science provide students with a valuable opportunity to revisit crucial topics through video lessons taught by seasoned professionals. This feature empowers students to efficiently address any academic backlog. In addition to Computer Science and Electronics, we offer comprehensive lectures on key concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. Don't miss our special lecture series on English grammar, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience.

Payment Details

Our payment details section offers transparency and convenience to parents. Access all fee-related information, including total fees, amounts paid to date, and comprehensive PDC details, through the R-PAR App. We prioritize transparency and ease, allowing parents to make online payments effortlessly.

Theory Marks

We at Rege-Dixit Science Academy, gives equal importance to subjective papers also. Marks of all subjective theory exams will be uploaded here with 3 days of correction of all answers. So parents & students can see their performance in theory exam. This feature helps to enhance your ability of writing descriptive answers. We also conduct 3 Rounds of prelim exams.

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